Even Accountants Need Liability Insurance

Regardless of what business you own, it is ideal to have liability insurance to assist you in the event of legal action. The accountant deals with a number of customers and this interaction may not always be positive. If an argument erupts and a lawsuit is filed, liability insurance is key to avoiding a number of legal expenses. What is… Read more →

Surgeon Training Questioned In Key Malpractice Case

Surgeon Training Questioned In Key Malpractice Case

Students training in general surgery are generally provided with one to three years of research experience, depending on their career goals. Once they complete the Chief Resident year training they will be eligible to take the American Board of Surgery exams and apply for a number of advanced clinical training in sub-specialties that include endocrine surgery, Cardiothoracic surgery, Hepatobiliary surgery,… Read more →

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Wildlife Forensic Scientists Stop Crime One Animal at A Time

If you like wildlife and enjoy being outside but are looking for a career that involves fighting crime and forensics, then looking into a career as wildlife forensic scientists could be exactly what you are looking for. Many people are unaware of the role that wildlife forensic scientists in protecting the animals that we take for granted and how they… Read more →